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Libation (entering gold leaf)

Libation (entering gold leaf)
Libation (entering gold leaf)
Usuki who is known as town of the brewing for a long time,
It is nature of the locality that high quality water suitable for the brewing is provided abundantly,
Much "strong water" for mineral promotes active fermentation,
We bring on effect liquor of rich taste.

[capacity] 720 ml
[the frequency] 15 degrees
[sake degree] 0 (slightly sweet)
[production center] Oita
[characteristic of taste] Effect mouth liquor of heavy taste
[how to drink] Rather hot warming is recommended

As it is with gold dust, it is available as hot sake for New Year holidays.

Please appreciate "libation" of taste that the taste is brought up in brewing and town Usuki of dainty food, and was polished well.
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