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DHC Pack Sheet Eyes

DHC Pack Sheet Eyes
DHC Pack Sheet Eyes
DHC Pack Sheet Eyes
Hello! This is DHC.

Aiming for keeping eyes area with tension and elasticity, and also against drying skin around eyes!
But I want to finish these skincare easily!

We recommend this item to such people! “DHC Pack Sheet Eyes”.
It is available during sleeping as well, for eyes area mask.

The gel-formed beauty sheet which contains
olive leaf extract, aloe extract, soybean extract, and various plant-derived moisture ingredients
cares your eyes area intensively overnight.

It softly fits to skin and has strong attachment but no pain when you tear it off,
so we recommend it even if your skin is sensitive.

Would you try this “DHC Pack Sheet Eyes”?

We are looking forward you to coming to DHC Tax-Free Store on the 2nd floor.
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